Why We Made the Decision to Go Green

Traditionally, printing has been a wasteful industry.  In the past, printing hundreds of paper sets of construction documents, or thousands of copies of marketing materials was the preferred method of distributing information.  Those documents often were quickly updated and made obsolete, leading to incredible waste of virgin paper resources. 

Tree Towns is trying to change the way our customers have traditionally blueprinted.  By leading the way with our use of digital online DFS, EZ Bid and PDM systems, we are enabling Owners, Architects, Consultants and Contractors to share information digitally.  These technologies greatly reduce the amount of paper distributed during the life of a building project.   

We officially “retired” our last offset printing press in 2009 and are now 100% all-digital print facility.  Tree Towns ColorGrafx digital printing technologies utilize environmentally-friendly printing processes to produce our customers marketing and communication materials.   

Visit our Going Green News section to see how we're stiving to minimize the impact that Tree Towns has on the environment.  Explore Green Ideas for Customers for sustainable products and serivices that can help you minimize your environmental footprint.