Acrylic Mirrors


The Acrylic Mirror substrate is a fantastic interior technique for incorporating customized mirrored surfaces within a built environment. With a unique Moroccan pattern applied, it was a great solution for the Marrakesh Market in the Poconos.
Tree Towns can apply a unique pattern or artwork to this alternative mirrored substrate. It can also be cut into any shape required. Budget friendly, durable, and versatile, acrylic mirrors may be the perfect solution on your next project.


The ceiling tiles pictured in the above photo is a great example of a less expensive solution for creating an antique mirror look without the budget-eating expense of acquiring traditional antique mirrors. It is a great solution for achieving the desired finish in elevated interior locations of restaurants and bars, as can be seen here in The Dearborn Urban American Tavern.



Budget-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Mirrors—As much as a third of the cost

Any custom patterns generated in Photoshop or Illustrator can be applied

The material can be custom-cut into any shape and size

It can be mounted to fire-rated material to meet local building codes

Available in up to 4’ by 8’ sizes

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