M14Hoops - Aurora, IL

Tree Towns was tasked by FGM Architects to produce environmental graphics for the M14Hoops basketball training facility in Aurora, Illinois. As you can see from the smiling faces above and photos below, everything came together for a resounding success.

Tree Towns specializes in applied vinyls that can be installed on almost any surface and produced at almost any size. For example, the wall decals shown in the above photo are up to 7 feet tall and 35 feet wide. They are installed on painted precast concrete walls.

Directly below are large shape cut letters that enhance the aesthetics and motivation in the training room.

Tree Towns designed and fabricated the basketball wall covering shown above. We used our latest innovative technique called Digital Textures, which allows us to print textured wall covering finishes that can be customized to any pattern or design. Up close, the wall covering actually feels like the texture surface of a basketball.

Behind the customer service station, Tree Towns designed a basketball-themed graphic which incorporates a quote from M14Hoops Founder Matt Miller "Set unattainable goals, then achieve them..." The graphic was then imaged directly to a sheet of steel and installed. As you can see, Tree Towns can image to almost any material or surface to enhance and bring uniqueness to any interior decor package.


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