High-Definition Construction Color Document Printing

January 09, 2013

The Affordable Color Imaging Technology

Your Vision - In Color.

Your Design - In Color.

Your Prints - in B/W...?
Color increases understanding and retention of printed material by an average of 65%. Highlighting key information in color can reduce search times and errors by as much as 80%. Then why are construction plan sets printed in black and white. Simply, until now, color was just too expensive. With HD Technology, this is no longer true.
From review to as-built, from design to close-out, you can now bring greater clarity to the entire project team with color for about the same price as black and white. Reduce errors and increase retention, all without breaking the budget. Contact Tree Towns today via the web, email, or phone to learn more.

CAD Color Line Drawings

RED Line Record Drawings

Price Schedule

Total Sq. Ft. Price Per Sq. Ft.
0 to 100 $0.45
101 to 250 $0.40
251 to 500 $0.35
501 to 1000 $0.30
1001 to 2000 $0.25
2000 + Call for quote
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