HP Latex Large Format Printing

High Res Graphics for Indoor or Outdoor DisplayEnvironmentally Friendly

Tree Towns Reprographics introduces new state-of-the-art HP L25500 Latex Printing for indoor and outdoor graphics.  Perfect for Banners, Trade Displays, Vehicle Wraps, P-O-P Posters, Big Stickers and more! 

HP L25500 Printing

The HP Latex L25500 has the following features:

  • High resolution 1200 dpi  -  6-Color printing for High Definition graphics
  • Latex ink technology - environmentally friendly and odorless 60” wide prints
  • Print on a variety of media: Banners - Pressure Sensitive - Back Lit - Fabrics and more
  • Unlike traditional inkjets no special coating needed on the media  - Lowers your costs

Technical Data

HP Latex Inks are water-based and offer important advantages over eco--solvent/low-solvent inks used in commercial and industrial inkjet printing. No special workplace ventilation is required L65500 Printers. HP Latex Inks create an improved printing environment because they do not require special handling, contain no materials requiring hazard warning labels, and are non-flammable and non-combustible.  HP Latex Inks do not produce ozone emissions during printing and contain no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants).


Durability and display permanence are two important characteristics for prints produced for commercial and industrial applications. Durability is characterized by a print’s scratch, smudge, and water-resistance. Display permanence is a measure of how long prints will last on outdoor and indoor display. HP Latex Inks in the HP Designjet L25500 and L65500 Printers produce durable, high-quality output on a range of media, and achieve outdoor display permanence up to 3 years unlaminated and up to 5 years laminated.

For additional Technical Specifications refer to HP's Tech-Notable Latex Printing document.