Scanning - Black & White or Color

Our Crus Oversize 3-D color scanner can scan oversized graphics and 3-D artwork.

Cruse Oversize 3-D Color Scanner

  • Tree Towns proudly features the Cruse 185 Synchron color scanner, a unit specifically designed to scan oversized graphics as large as 40" x 60" in full color.
  • Scans can be completed from mounted originals and 3-D artwork up to 4" high.
  • No rollers or scan bar ever touch your original artwork.
  • The unit’s vacuum flat bed ensures an accurate color scan each time.
  • Convert your hard copy original to a versatile electronic file.
  • Reduce or enlarge your original graphics.
  • Completed color scans can be sent directly to one of Tree Towns’ HP DesignJet six-color printers or Canon color laser copiers.

Colortrac Roll-Feed Color Scanner

  • Besides mounted originals, Tree Towns has the capability to scan full color hard copy documents.
  • The Colortrac scanner is an excellent choice to reproduce your color line work.
  • Original drawings up to 42" wide can be scanned quickly at multiple resolutions.

Black & White Archival Scanning

  • Consolidate your office space, have Tree Towns scan your large format documents to CD, DVD.
  • Scan to PDF, TIFF, CALS.  Generic, or specialty file naming is available.
  • Ask us how we can store documents for you in one of our online planrooms.