PDM Project Document Management

PDM (Project Document Manager) Pro is the construction industry’s first true “cradle-to-grave” project management solution. Wake up each morning to find the latest information on all your projects, documents, bids, contacts, notifications, access suppliers, or check the latest construction news. With the power of a Microsoft Windows application, you can access your information throughout the day from any web enabled PC computer in the world. ReproMAX PDM Pro is an ideal upgrade for ReproMAX DFS and ReproMAX PDM Bidding users who need more powerful tools to manage entire processes or integrate into their current system.


PDM Pro for Architects 

With ReproMAX PDM Pro, you are in control of your projects. Documents are available online for your project team at any time from any internet-enabled PC in the world. Team members can manage documents locally for private use and then release them for collaboration. With ReproMAX PDM Pro’s version control, all documents are saved for historical reference, while maintaining a current set. Streamline your entire project with communication tools that improve the entire construction process from design to construction and closeout.

Download the whitepaper for PDM Pro for Architects.

PDM Pro for General Contractors

Get a jump on the competition by lowering the cost of sending out invitations to bid. With ReproMAX PDM Pro, the prequalifying process allows you to notify and locate the most qualified bidders. The advanced contact features allow you to create your own address book, import contacts from other systems and easily create distribution lists. Search for your contacts by name, trade, CSI code, or any other attribute. ReproMAX PDM Pro is also easy for your bidders. Once they receive your invitation via email or fax, they can access your online planroom to view, order, estimate and print. Display all your project information in a customizable details page. Add photos, graphics, project attributes, hyperlinks, and more. You and your project team will have easy access to project documents and information. Grant and deny access to specific projects and folders for each contact to keep your documents secure.

Download the whitepaper for PDM Pro for General Contractors.

PDM Pro for Subcontractors

Accessing ReproMAX PDM Pro’s online planroom makes it easy to get the right information economically, fast and accurately. Find projects, view drawings and perform on screen takeoffs for fast estimating. Save money by only downloading and printing the drawings you need. Give yourself the best possible opportunity to find profitable business by joining the construction community that unites Owners, General Contractors and Architects.

Download the whitepaper for PDM Pro for Subcontractors.

PDM Pro for Owners

Our goal was to create a community-based product that allows the entire construction process to overcome many of the inefficiencies inherent to today’s rapid and complex building process. Architects improve design processes with collaborative document management tools. General Contractors operate with less risk through a dynamic invitation to bid process and online planroom. Subcontractors are able to search, view, order, and distribute sets from any internet-capable PC in the world. As documents are updated, changes can be made in minutes rather than in hours or days. With your construction team on the same system, documents are better managed, risk is reduced, waste is lowered, schedules are kept, and everyone saves time and money from design to closeout.

Download the whitepaper for PDM Pro for Owners.