ReproMax DFM Design File Management

DFM – Design File Management

Any DFS User with the appropriate permission can create a discussion topic for a DFS Project, or for any specific document within a given project. The user can enter a question, relate a problem, enter additional information, or any text relevant to the project or specific document. Other users can view the topic and respond if necessary. This is an ideal tool for designers and other project members to discuss any aspect of a project. 

Design File Sharing

Architects, Engineers and other project members can use DFM to share a wide variety of Design Documents. The tool allows any file to be quickly and easily submitted to a DFS project folder using a local windows based application. The user simply drags the file from Windows to the appropriate DFS Folder in the DFM/File Sharing application. The file will be copied via the internet to the DFS Server where it is available for other users to view, print, check-out or download. The DFM File sharing application provides full version control for all files shared and prevents users from accidentally deleting shared files. This offers significant benefits when compared to traditional FTP or VPN based file sharing.

Construction File Sharing

Construction superintendents or on site project managers can use DFM/File Sharing to keep all project members informed during the construction phase of a project. The onsite users can quickly upload photographs, videos, reports or site documents so that all project users can have access to the documents within minutes.

Subcontractor Submittals

Subcontractors can submit shop drawings, or other documents required for submittal packages directly to the DFS System. This can significantly reduce the time required to get submittal packages approved since the files can be quickly submitted, reviewed and re-submitted.

As-Built Uploading

As changes are made during the construction of the project, on-site personnel can update documents and upload them into the "As Built" section of a DFS Project. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to organize the As-Built drawings when the project is completed.