We have tremendous mounting capabilities. Our largest mounting machine is 84" wide and is able to meet any task. Read below to learn about our different mounting substrates.

Foam Board

Foam board, (a.k.a. foam core) is made by adhering two sheets of paper to each side of a foam core. Foam board is lightweight, sturdy, and is best utilized for indoor mounting applications.

Cost-effective, and easy to trim and mount, foam board is an economical product for temporary use. For extra durability and improved performance, we laminate the backside of all foam board.

Note: 1/2" Foam and 3/16" pillow foam is not always in stock.

Gator Board

Gator board is a high-performance foam core encased in wood fiber. It is exceptionally rigid and flat, and can hold up well to wear and handling. It is more dent resistant and rigid than foam core, allowing for contour cutting. Gator board is available in white and black.

Note: 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" and 2" are also available, but not always in stock.

Ultra Board

Ultra Board is a durable dent-resistant board that is resistant to moisture, Ultra Board is perfect for allowing printed color to stand out.


Coroplast is lightweight, rain resistant, and can be printed in bright, fade-resistant colors.


Sintra is an affordable, durable, lightweight and moisture resistant board. It can be cut, routed, heat-formed or bonded. It's easily painted and can be used effectively with vinyl lettering and many adhesives. It's great for screen printing, models, displays, exhibit booths, indoor and outdoor signs, and photo mounting. It's also UV Resistant.

Note: Specialty colors and thicknesses available upon request.


Styrene has high rigidity and impact strength which, combined with its excellent abrasion resistance, make it the ideal material for a wide variety of applications. It exhibits a high resistance to chemicals, moisture, and high temperatures and can be machined, drilled, or die-cut with relative ease.

Tempered Masonite

Tempered masonite is a hard-wearing hardboard used for building and signage. It's a tough, high-density product with superior strength and resistance to impact.


Heavy-duty paper based product good for temporary posters, point-of-purchase displays, and easel backed signs of all kinds.

Plexiglass / Polycarbonate

Acrylic displays are perfect for countertops, table tops, trade show tables or any where that you want to exhibit information. They are great for rear lit presentations and have a brilliant shine. Polished or beveled edges give the displays a great look. 

More Board Available

For other custom boards please contact us for availability. Also ask us about match mounting, contour cutting and rounded corners.